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Re: The Revolution pilot is online now...

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So, blonde chick kills psycho guy guarding her, Miles comes in, they exchange pleasantries and she runs out without grabbing the super important pendant or taking a hammer to the amplifier??? WTF?

These idiots have no one to blame but themselves for facing helicopter gunship death.

That's because guards came in shooting guns by the time she saw Miles & realized who he was. I think they only had a sword between them, so they couldn't stay and fight and get the pendant.

(it was stuck in the machine..there's no way to get it OUT of the machine without both of them dying in the process).

And secret lab that's cauing the blackout knows this is happening..right? So maybe soething will happen next season.

Honestly, I was hoping for Monroe to die -- he's just not that charismatic to be the lead villain. I wa shoping that Neville would find Monroe dead (or kill him himself), and then take over the Republic (which apparently has no Senate to justfy the Republic name). Neville and his wife would make a VERY interesting villain...(unless he goes over to the "good" side)
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