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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness Synopsis Revealed!!

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Oh, I loved The Motion Picture. I'm an unabashed and completely out of the closet with my love for the "V'ger one." It's a beautiful film (especially the Director's Cut), even if it is somewhat lethargically paced.

And yes, there was, you know, First Contact, the TNG one, but even that kind of followed the new credo of more action, less interaction. I just hope this new film has a heart that the last four or five films have lacked.

The one with the most "heart" to me was The Voyage Home simply because you had the crew being heroes even when they have nothing but a rust bucket of a ship.

But the one that screamed Star Trek to me was XI. It was TOS on steroids, adventure and action and fun PLUS the drama and fighting that we gained back in DS9.

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Yes, and they were poor entertainment that didn't even really "make you think" because the writers' notions of big ideas were ill thought-out and sophomoric. Neither movie was even good by Star Trek "thought-provoking" standards, which have rarely been as high as trekkies assert.
Ya know I am sick to the death of this "ADD generation" bull crap. I'm twenty and I enjoyed TMP just fine, the problem wasn't that it was "too big" but that it's story plodded along with filler and a stretched out story line. The Final Frontier simply failed in all forms.
Those are all valid points. I mean, I'm in my twenties myself, and maybe it was unfair of me to use the "ADD generation" card. Still, I guess it's just a matter of taste in the end.

I feel wholeheartedly that Star Trek was best as a television show, and the movies have always paled in comparison to the TV version, because the show was always meant to exist as a long, overarching saga, not self-contained two hour films that have to please everybody and as many demographics as possible. These new films are clearly intended for a wider audience (the older films tried this too, but it was never more obvious than now), and I can sympathize with those that find this a little strange. I can also sympathize with the other viewpoint, that Star Trek should be for everyone. I can see both sides.
My problem isn't with those that believe that Trek should be like 2001 or Avatar or whatever, my problem is with those who believe that it has always been like that. It wasn't, Star Trek was everything that just so happened to take place on a ship named Enterprise. XI proved that the basics of Star Trek are the adventures of Captain Kirk and his crew through space.

Will there be big questions asked? Yep, but not all the time, and when the makers do those episodes or films, they'll do it the way they want to, it won't be 100% the way we want it.

As an aside, can you imagine what The Motion Picture will be like when they redo it? Can you imagine how magnificent V'Ger will look?
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