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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness Synopsis Revealed!!

Yes, and they were poor entertainment that didn't even really "make you think" because the writers' notions of big ideas were ill thought-out and sophomoric. Neither movie was even good by Star Trek "thought-provoking" standards, which have rarely been as high as trekkies assert.
Ya know I am sick to the death of this "ADD generation" bull crap. I'm twenty and I enjoyed TMP just fine, the problem wasn't that it was "too big" but that it's story plodded along with filler and a stretched out story line. The Final Frontier simply failed in all forms.
Those are all valid points. I mean, I'm in my twenties myself, and maybe it was unfair of me to use the "ADD generation" card. Still, I guess it's just a matter of taste in the end.

I feel wholeheartedly that Star Trek was best as a television show, and the movies have always paled in comparison to the TV version, because the show was always meant to exist as a long, overarching saga, not self-contained two hour films that have to please everybody and as many demographics as possible. These new films are clearly intended for a wider audience (the older films tried this too, but it was never more obvious than now), and I can sympathize with those that find this a little strange. I can also sympathize with the other viewpoint, that Star Trek should be for everyone. I can see both sides.
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