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I haven't used Ubuntu in a while, though. J, what tasks require the command line, that a "normal user" would need?
None, really. I only had to use it once when the package system got damaged. Ubuntu told me two way to repair it, the first one involving the GUI didn't work.
I've been using it for a year now, and it's worked really well, I've updated the kernel many times and I upgraded once, all without incident.
The main problem Linux still has is compatibility issues. If you didn't buy your hardware accordingly you can have some bad luck with some components. Overall, the situation has greatly approved in recent years but there still can be problems, and if you're new to Linux and have maybe more than one of those components in your computer, it won't be such a great experience, I guess. Wireless is still somewhat of a problem although it can be made to work in nearly all cases nowadays. It's one of the reasons I'm reluctant to recommend it to just anyone. Then again, our Windows Vista computer at the office wouldn't boot recently if the newly bought USB mouse was connected. It's a standard one, I use the same one and I've never seen such behaviour before.

Anyway, welcome to the exciting world of Ubuntu/Linux, Maestro! It's actually not that exciting. I hope you'll have a good user experience with your laptop.
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