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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness Synopsis Revealed!!

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A personal score to settle - wait we're getting another gods-damned revenge story? I've honestly lost count of how many revenge Trek films in a row there have been...

No strange new worlds or new life and new civilization?
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The movies aren't about big ideas. They're about lasers and explosions and sword fights and cute little cuddly engineer sidekicks that look like mutated Furbies.

But that's what we've been reduced to. The standard Hollywood audience has no attention span for big ideas anymore. Ironically, the two most maligned films of TOS, The Motion Picture and The Final Frontier, were the closest to the original television show in terms of story scope--big sci-fi ideas and concepts that make you think.

So, you know, the new film is going to be fun. I'm sure it will be. But if they were trying to reboot the old show with the new films and update it for a new audience, there's no question that something was lost in translation. And I really, really enjoyed the 2009 film. It's just...I feel like Gene would have said the same thing. It's missing heart. The tone is completely off.

I'm optimistic though. I hope it'll get better over time.
Ya know I am sick to the death of this "ADD generation" bull crap. I'm twenty and I enjoyed TMP just fine, the problem wasn't that it was "too big" but that it's story plodded along with filler and a stretched out story line. The Final Frontier simply failed in all forms.
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