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Re: storm and floods in GB - is everyone ok?

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What really makes me furious is people standing on bridges and watching the flood. It's so damned risky!
Same with the news reporters on the US super storm.

I couldn't go to Birmingham for the weekend as both train routes out of Exeter were down, I could have got buses for half the trip, but in the end it was more trouble than it was worth. And I'd have missed watching the worst of the downpour too.

I live on a hill, but the drains block so the road next to us becomes a stream, and the bridge further down becamesunpassable. But it only lasts a few hours. I went out for a walk in it before it had all gone. It was about 40cm deep underneath the bridge.

I've only known it to do that three times in the past years (thats how long I've been here) and two of those times were in the past 3 months.
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