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Re: Star Trek Federation: The First 150 Years

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But the blurb is on the outside of a work supposedly published in 2311 by members of an interstellar civilization. You'd think they'd get it right.
No arguing with that.

I've got an idea! Seeing as it is 2311, let's pretend the publication is part of an expanded USS Universe Hyperwarp ploy, as revealed in Serpents Among the Ruins! The Federation media confidently declares that intergalactic travel is now practically upon them, and releases this book as an oh-so-quaint summary of its history to date, that now-concluded period when it wasn't on the cusp of extraordinary propulsion breakthroughs, really, honestly.

"Starfleet scientists guarantee that within ten years every Federation family will have a holiday home on a planet within Andromeda"

My (frankly brilliant ) idea is also why the history the book relates differs from that given by the novels, because it's all propaganda designed to confuse and worry the Romulans.
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