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Your grandfather was in diapers....???

There's something that I've wondered about for some time now in regards to Star Trek TOS and TNG. In the movie Generations, when Picard and Kirk meet, Picard tries to convince Kirk to help him stop Soran and why Picard didn't just go back to a different time to stop Soran, we'll never know, but that's a whole other ball of yarn all together. But I digress...when Picard is trying to get Kirk to help him, Kirk is uncertain at first. Kirk wants to stay and as he's walking upstairs to propose to Antonia, Kirk fires back at Picard saying "I was out saving the galaxy when your grandfather was still in diapers." Is that an accurate statement? I mean we know that 78 years had passed between the events on the Enterprise B and Worf's promotion to Lt. Commander as it was written on screen. Now, assuming that Picard is between 55-60 at that time, 78 years before that, if anyone is in diapers, wouldn't it be his father and not his grandfather. Of course if Picard's father was in diapers at that time, he must have had Picard when he was somewhat young, I would imagine. Is there something that I'm missing? Math isn't my favourite subject in school, but am I wrong when I say that the "grandfather in diapers" statement isn't correct? My sincere apologies if this is a subject that has already been discussed.
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