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Re: storm and floods in GB - is everyone ok?

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There is, if I wanted to leave the house at 6.45am, stand around in the cold and rain as it is late every day, spend 70 minutes on the bus each way, pay 6 a day, and cope with the regular driver's strikes.
Sounds like paradise, compared to Public transport in Bavaria!
When we get good weather [...]there is nowhere I would rather be.
I'll definitely put Falmouth on my to-see list for my next vacation in GB It sounds like an awesome place to visit.

Bridge foundations are always the weak point in a flood because they usually aren't wide enough and so instead of running between the two ends of the bridge, the water hits them with full force, often carving them out of the surrounding soil. Also, fallen trees and other debris tend to get caught in bridges, they block the water's path and increase the pressure so that the bridges often get torn away as a whole. What really makes me furious is people standing on bridges and watching the flood. It's so damned risky!
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