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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness Synopsis Revealed!!

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...That's bugging me just a bit. There's nothing on the Paramount site's press releases page and nothing on the site. There does appear to be another site, but (as you say) not accessible to mortals without a password.
I'm a bit bugged by some of the language used in the press release. Some of the choice of words and phrasing strikes me as odd, such as:

"detonated the fleet"
"leaving our world in a state of crisis"

Why "the fleet"? And why "detonated"? Also, why say "our world"?

I don't know. Perhaps it is a real press release or perhaps it isn't.
However, if it is real, it sounds as if it was written by a summer intern.
I wouldn't be surprised if the press release was written by someone without a writing background or was tossed out there as is because people were tired of dealing with Bad Robot's secrecy fetish. This press release really feels like they gave up after getting tons of memos about what they couldn't say and stuck in the weird stuff as a "fuck you" to Bad Robot.
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