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Re: Is it weird that The Royale is one of my favourite episodes?

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I don't mind "The Royale." There are worse season two episodes (ahem...), but "The Royale" was kind of weird enough to be at worst merely amusing, kind of like a Twilight Zone episode like aforementioned.

If you want embarrassing, I rewatched "Sub Rosa" the other day and found myself enjoying it more than I had expected, especially some of the performances. Yeah, I just said something nice about "Sub Rosa," I know...
I should do that. Rewatch episodes that I know I hate & see if after enough time away I can find anything enjoyable about them
Not an episode, but in all seriousness, I have attempted this exercise on several occasions with Nemesis. Although I don't hate it, I find it extremely difficult to connect with the film in any meaningful way.
I completely agree with you about Nemesis. I have tried. And I can see what they were trying to do, and I see the potential in the ideas, and really, I think the director was at fault, coupled with the fact that the final rewrites of the script completely neutered it. I've heard that the original script was much better.

I really want to feel emotion about Data's death, but I honestly felt like his character had no reason to die. They've botched Data so much over the course of the films that I just ceased to care about his character. As far as I'm concerned, TNG ends with "All Good Things..."
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