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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness Synopsis Revealed!!

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Am I the only one who thinks Cumberbatch may be Kirk's brother? A foe close to Jim, that leaves him with only the crew of the Enterprise as family?

This is the kind of thing they might do, but they made it out in the last movie that Kirk is kind of a loner and hasn't really formed any close relationships at any point in his life.

I have to wonder if the war-torn planet isn't Tallos Iv in some way shape or form.
I think you mean Tarsus IV, and yes, that what I was thinking too. Peter Weller might be Kodos, somehow genetically engineering Sam Kirk for unknown reasons. We don't know if Tarsus IV happend in the nuUniverse or how Nero changed that part. For all we know only Sam went to the planet, leaving Jim and Winona behind on Earth. Now he returns as a sleeper agent, infiltrating Starfleet... or something along the line.
But Cumberbatch as Sam Kirk makes way more sense than Mitchell
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