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Re: Jennifer Lien Was Arrested in July???

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What's going to die first, all the Star trek video tapes or all the video players?

It's amazing how much it costs to convert videotape into dvd/digital media.

Not the same thing, but my step father was told that for just 500 dollars that he could convert all his old cassette tapes into cds, and he thought it was a good deal because he had a "fantastic" music collection.
I got a program from BESTBuy for $80.00 to convert my Cassettes to CDs, CDs you can buy a stack of 50 for about $10.

Got a VHS to DVD burner from Walmart for $150.00 to burn my VHS to DVDs (Though some store bought VHS, especially Disney fail the conversion process, so, I still have a boatload of classic movies on VHS)
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