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Re: Any old timers still around?

I'm not sure. It's been some 8 or 9 years since we last talked. I remember that our opinions on war and politics differed extremely (he's a Belgian neo-Nazi. I am German and was born and raised in the flower power era). Also, at that time some pervert on TK posted a sickening picture of a person being run over and spread all over the road by a tank. That Belgian bloke found the photo funny! IMO definitely not normal, mentally. I broke off every contact with him.
LOL it's funny how much I remember of him and still can't recall his name. It doesn't really matter, though. He's not exactly on my top 10.

I found some old chat logs from 2002-2004 but discovered that I had kept only those of friendly people. I am not sure if all of them were on TrekBBS. It's possible that some names from other boards (particularly from SlipstreamBBS) might have slipped in. In addition to the previous lists I found:

Cpt Dumbass
Felonius Monk
Borgs 8472 (possibly from German TrekBBS)
Dr Phil (identical with King Phil?)
Lexicdark (possibly from SlipstreamBBS)
Phoenician Knight

But since you mentioned the Air Force, Brother: There used to be a young poster named Worf and some number (4 digits I believe). He wanted to join the army or air force and go to war. I told him that this was something to be well considered as he might very easily get killed. I urged him to think of his poor parents and rather take up some less dangerous occupation. Being young, he wouldn't listen to my concerns, flamed me and I've never seen him again. Did he manage to get himself killed? (Hopefully not!)
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