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Re: Should they have kept Dr. Selar?

I'm glad that Ensign Sito had at least a couple episodes (it's too bad that the other characters from "Lower Decks" were never heard of again, especially the bartender guy that apparently everyone is really good friends with--it's weird that they just retconned him in there).

Actually, I wish they had fleshed out minor characters more in general in TNG, to make it feel like more of a community. In many ways, they did to a point, in the sense that they did have a handful of extras throughout the series that kept popping up here and there. There was sadly no characterization though. It would have been nice to see something like in the show E.R., where they had a plethora of minor characters that would occasionally get little bits of characterization and would be consistently in the show, instead of vanishing for vast swaths of time.
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