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Re: Star Trek Federation: The First 150 Years

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And that's two uses in the cover blurb of "intergalactic" mistakenly used to mean "interstellar." Why does everybody get that wrong? You wouldn't say going to the corner store was interstate commerce or flying to Paris was interplanetary travel, so why do we constantly see "intergalactic" used to describe stories set entirely within one galaxy or even one star system? That never stops bewildering me.
I think most people are given the impression early in life that the universe can be divided into two parts for purposes of relevance: there's the planet Earth, and then there's "outer space" (a generalized "everything else"). Which in practical terms is understandable, I suppose. I think the basic idea of that simple distinction stays with people, and so not much thought goes into "outer space" as a locality in which distance and categorization have to be taken into account; that sort of thing is reserved for Earth. Even though they know otherwise intellectually, the impression that's left on their mind from a very young age is that space is just one big vaguely defined place removed from Earth matters, and automatic attention to practical distances and accurate communication of such is very much an Earth matter, or so I assume?
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