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Re: The Continuity of Days Gone By

Sorry if this is necro-posting, but I just thought of another couple of books that connect to the '80s novel/Spaceflight Chronology continuity: the first two Trek novels by Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens, Memory Prime and Prime Directive. Both books connect to How Much for Just the Planet? by referencing the "4-dimensional dilithium" theory propounded in that book. Also, Memory Prime follows the SFC assumption that Alpha Centauri was home to an indigenous humanoid species rather than just being an Earth colony.

The tricky part is that Crisis on Centaurus, also in this continuity, treats Alpha Centauri purely as an Earth colony. But then, I mentioned earlier in the thread that the '80s continuity didn't hold together perfectly. And there's an existing inconsistency on just this point: Strangers from the Sky went with the SFC's notion that humanity's first alien contact was the Icarus meeting the Alpha Centaurians, but Spock's World substituted the Andorians (perhaps because Richard Arnold ordered any SFC references expunged?).

As for where they take place in the chronology, Prime Directive is apparently, per the prologue, in the final year of the "first" 5-year mission. But Memory Prime is explicitly "a few years" after the events of "The Lights of Zetar," which would suggest a placement in the second 5-year mission I posited above. I'm not aware of any evidence in PD which would preclude it from preceding MP.

So it's a borderline case whether they could really fit into the continuity listed above -- but the same probably goes for a number of the entries in that list. At least they are connected.
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