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Re: Much love to Kes

My sources may be non-official but they are no more vague than the official fairy tales about writers all of a sudden being incapable of doing their jobs.
Are we watching the same show?
It's very clear to a large part of the fan base that watched the show that many of those writing for the it were incapable of doing their jobs or were running low on creative and developmental aspects for a majority of the characters on it. One of the biggest complaints about Kes was the writers didnt know how too and weren't fleshing out the character to her full potential. I don't see how that's a fairy tale.

However, just out of curiosity...

If it wasn't a mutual agreement and Jen Lien is no longer under contract or even in the acting biz, why do you think she would still lie? If she tells the truth, there is absolutely nothing legal or otherwise anybody can do to her. So why do you think she would lie to her fans?
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