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Re: Oz: The Great & Powerful pre-release thread

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LOL, a straight adaptation of Wicked? That wouldn't be Wicked anymore

Did you mean that the studio would likely mangle it up so much to the point of it not being the same? If so, then, I'd unfortunately agree. But I still would love to see something of that nature rather than what we're getting, and I've also heard of the movie being based on the musical, where the musical is completely different in tone. They basically only share the name.
I was being facetious and using "straight" as "Heterosexual" or "Normal" which Wicked certainly is not, considering the implications of Elphaba/Glinda relationship, The Philosophy Club, Frex/Melina relationship with Nessa Rose's father, etc.

But, yea, what I've heard of the Musical, I wouldn't be nearly as interested in an adaptation true to the musical, as I would be an adaptation true to the book
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