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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

91. Dracula (1979): B
92. Dracula (2009): C+
93. Slither: B-
94. Your Highness: F
95. Goldeneye: A

Your Highness: Does someone have incriminating pictures or other info that would cause Natalie Portman to have agreed to be in this film? Did she owe someone a favor? I like her and have found her comedy turns to be mostly well done. James Franco is actually pretty good with comedic elements from Pineapple Express to Green Hornet. I knew Danny McBride was the wild card but still it was the blatantly horrid overly juvenile script that killed this movie. The previews let me know some crude moments would be involved but in context that material can be funny. It was the forced OTT elements that ruined this. I thought Danny McBride just acted the weird childish material he was handed but seeing as how he cowrote this it seems that's just his preference. I couldn't even find something worthwhile in this like other comedies I was mixed on such as Bridesmaids or Cop Out.

Goldeneye: After watching Skyfall recently I had some time over Thanksgiving so I decided to watch the film where Skyfall took some key plot points to use again. While I did like Skyfall and would grade them about the same Goldeneye is a much better film imo. Sean Bean's turncoat is a lot more fun to watch than Silva.
For my count I'm only wanting to include re-watches if I haven't seen them in at least a decade and this one qualifies.
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