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Re: F1 2012 Championship Thread

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I will miss Jake though. His rapport with DC & EJ is great, and it seems he's been able to get on well with lots of the drivers too esp. Lewis & Jenson. Big loss. I wonder who'll replace him. Hopefully not the rather dull Lee McKenzie.
She's been there, interviewing folks on the pit lane for years, so she has kind of earned the place - though finding somebody who can match Jake's tone and attitude will be pretty impossible
She just doesn't have the charisma for the role though. You need a Murray or a Jake to humanise the drama somehow. DC and Ben Edwards are good commentators, EJ/DC play off each other well and bring great colour to proceedings, but you need someone human at the centre of it all to give all the razzmatazz meaning while simulataneously able to keep all the various egos in check. It's kind of like being a ringmaster I think.

I'm sure there must be some up-and-coming presenters able to do it, but they've got big shoes to fill.

I just hope they don't draft in someone from MOTD2 or the Football League show like Colin Murray or Manish Bhasin. Colin Murray is just annoying and Bhasin is much more of a personality black hole than Lee McKenzie. Mind you, I wasn't particularly expecting great things from Jake at the start and he grew into the role to some extent over the first half a season.
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