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Re: The Dominion Triumphant: A Star Trek Dystopia

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I'll have to take your word for it. I haven't seen BSG so I can't really comment on the similarities.
Yeah, course you haven't.

It never fails to amaze me how many people "haven't seen" the episode or series that their fanfic is staggeringly similar to whenever that similarity is pointed out by others.

Not to worry though...
Wow. I bet you really take that whole "innocent until proven guilty" schtick to heart, huh?

As a counterpoint to certain condescending comments *ahem* I LOVED this, and can't wait for more. I have to admit I was bit concerned I'd come across one of those graphic fanw^nk lesbian slash fics at first (it was the Naked!Janeway scene, sorry) but that fear was rapidly overcome and I find myself enjoying this almost as much as Gibraltar's works. I especially loved your resolving the Demon World Voyager's fate!

So, moar!
For those determined to contort yourselves into knots so as to include every minor production flub as gospel, and shoehorn it into "cannnonnnnn": STOP. I don't have all day to waste on here; I quite like enjoying real life thankyouverymuch.
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