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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

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Image of the Fendahl (Fourth Doctor).

A fun story but I had to think about this one a little as I was watching it as there seemed to be some large plot holes. There was no explanation about what the Fendahleen were, how the Doctor knew about them and why the skull was found on Earth. Then in the final episode the Doctor gave a good deal of exposition and the questions were answered. The one question that wasn't answered was why Stael thinks he can control the Fendahleen to give him ultimate power and how he found out about them in the first place.
There's implied explanations for most of that: the Doctor talks about having been terrified by a legend from childhood, so presumably he knows a lot of stories about the Fendahl from Time Lord fairytales. As for Stahl, one of the three possible explanations the Doctor reels out to Colby is that the Fendahl 'bred the necessary urges to recreate it into various individuals'. He's referring to Fendelman's career, but could also mean that the Fendahl influenced Stahl into becoming a megalomaniac occultist (and presumably, influenced other people into writing the occult books that are presumably lining the shelves of Stahl's bedroom...)
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