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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness Synopsis Revealed!!

So, the Mitchell theory hangs now on the notion that instead of being zapped at the edge of the galaxy with god-like powers that manifest themselves fairly quickly as telekinesis and matter transmutation in such a fashion as to unbalance him and fill him with contempt for human beings, Mitchell now:

  1. Acquires "weapon of mass destruction" powers;
  2. Returns to Earth as part of Starfleet so he can blow up a bunch of spaceships;
  3. Runs away to hide out on a distant planet, because - SHUT UP!?
  4. ???
  5. Victory!
Oh, and despite spending literally years now involved with a studio franchise which has successfully kept the lid on Star Trek secrets and has made it clear to everyone employed that leaking would be a "career-limiting move," Karl Urban decided to blurt out the biggest secret of the upcoming film in a public forum with a laugh and a wink. The fact that he continued to joke publicly about having done so for months afterward is all part of his cunning plan.


Instead of playing fanboy guessing games based on the notion that TPTB are accidentally letting clues to their Big Secret slip every time they make a statement, try this: what does the synopsis, trivial though it is, suggest about the motives of the villain(s) as they affect the plot of the film and how does that square with any possible precursors in the franchise?

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