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Re: F1 2012 Championship Thread

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Did I imagine it, were they in error, or did Jake have it right when he just said all the F1 races in 2013 would be live on BBC1?
Live on BBC, not BBC1 i.e. half the races will be live on radio only as in this year. Like you, I did a double-take after he said that at the end of the race, but no such luck.

I will miss Jake though. His rapport with DC & EJ is great, and it seems he's been able to get on well with lots of the drivers too esp. Lewis & Jenson. Big loss. I wonder who'll replace him. Hopefully not the rather dull Lee McKenzie.

Anyway, I thought the last race was lots of fun. Action throughout. A slight shame to finish under SC conditions, but the outcome was clear by then anyway.

2013 will be a bit of a transitional year I think as I understand that some big formula changes are coming for 2014 which will throw things a bit more up in the air. So 2013 will probably have the same main 3 competitors as 2012 of McLaren, Ferrari, Red Bull. It will be interesting to see how Lewis does at Mercedes, but I understand he's already focusing more for 2014 onwards.
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