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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

Another great episode.

Was I the only one that was bothered by the death of the hermit? Yes the guy was a bit coo coo for coco puffs but was it enough to be killed and made zombie bait?
What I watched was out and out murder, the guy could have been easily overpowered and restrained when running for the door.
Bottom line this group of people break into his cabin, startle him awake and then point weapons at him, what did they expect him to do?
Rick and crew would react the same way if that were done to them, I guess what bothers me even more is our group seems to be turning into a mini group like the one second season Randall was a part of, that was pretty evident with how they treated Michone earlier in the episode, she came baring gifts and Rick is jabbing her in her gunshot leg..WTF?

Given a little time Rick and crew could mirror Woodbury pretty easily IMO.

Speaking of Wood bury, why isn’t there 50 gazzilion zombies surrounding that place?
If noise attracts Zombies then their fight night events should have every Zombie in the county at their door step.
Look how many Rick and crew encountered a mile maybe two (Michone’s words) right outside Woodbury, I live out in the country and on a quiet night sound travels like a mo fo, I would think every night would be quiet out there since there is no industrial noise what-so-ever masking any sound.

Not only that, during the day at their little shin dig kids were running around and making all kinds of noise and no one seemed to be trying to keep the noise down either.

Second to Lastly Glenn is a badass, I hope BAG (bad Ass Glenn) is here to stay.

Lastly since next week is the mid season finale, I see the group getting captured at the end of the episode.
Andrea will flip and be a part of the group getting free.
I think the other part of the group being free will be Merle, after the Governor is dead (we know he will be) the show will need another main antagonist, Merle fits that role perfectly.
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