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Re: Wars and campaigns that were largely ignored by FPS's

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I think people like WWII as a setting for video games because it has such clear heroes and villains. That kind of narrative simplicity is lacking in most wars. It's hard to find a greater real-world evil than Hitler and Nazi Germany.
I'd say that's a very western point of view. If you look at what happened in the eastern front during the WWII, lines between heroes and villains are very muddy at best.
Well, I am referring to how it is perceived in the popular consciousness. The Allies did their share of heinous things, but they were the "good guys" because the Nazis were just so, so bad. Hitler is the perfect villain, with his Holocaust and his vision of a German Reich over all of Europe (and perhaps the world.) The Allies fought for "freedom"--what higher cause could there be? The devil is, of course, in the details, but if you ignore the details, the European theater of WWII is, as I said, an extremely simple narrative.

Contrast this with WWI where you had a bunch of European monarchs throwing bodies at each other in a prolonged and pointless pissing match.
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