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Re: Once Upon A Time - Season 2 Thread

I was wondering how the in the world Hook got her heart. Taking it from Maleficient's lair makes sense.

Poor Aurora does not seem to be cut of of the warrior princess cloth, but she tries to help others and do what is right. I feel sorry for the poor woman. She is trapped in Hell in her sleep and now even control of her waking moments has been taken from her.

I hope Gold kicks Hooks' backside all over Storybrooke.

Gold and Regina continue to be the highlight of the show.

To answer the question about Mulan's interest in Aurora. I feel that she began her guardianship (or what have you) of Aurora due to her sense of obligation to her friend Philip. However, I believe Mulan is beginning to value Aurora in her own right as a friend.

In the Disney movie, Mulan falls for the military commander that trained her in the ways of combat. If I remember correctly, his name was Chang (sp?).
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