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Re: Wars and campaigns that were largely ignored by FPS's

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He's talking about the BAR and the Thompson I think, both of which saw limited to no use in the Great War. I think a WW1 RTS could be pretty groovy. I'd love to see a Total War game based on it in fact.
Total War focuses on set battles, while World War I focused on fronts. Even the key set battle of the Western Front (Verdun, imo) lasted months and months and had the strategic objective of attrition. Other battles are named after broad fronts that stretched for miles.

Don't get me wrong, I could see a World War I strategy game (if there isn't one, I'm not sure), I just think it would be a macro-level game rather than a micro-level game. Rather than micro-managing every soldier's position and focusing on tactical maneuvering, you would manage logistics, supplies, and distribute manpower along the front then carefully plan your assaults and watch it play out.
The only one I can think of is a Paradox game called "Victoria", but it's at the very tail end of the game and since it's a Paradox grand strategy game it blows.
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