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Re: Oz: The Great & Powerful pre-release thread

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I'd very much prefer a straight adaptation of Gregory Maguire's Wicked. That was a rather fun book that never felt rehashed and took the universe seriously in terms of fantasy elements.
LOL, a straight adaptation of Wicked? That wouldn't be Wicked anymore Speakng of the adapatation of Wicked, what's going on with it? Last update on IMDB page is from July 2012, with a targeted release date of 2014, but, no details are provided. Is that still moving forward, or is it in Development Hell? Also, I've heard some accounts that it's an adaptation of the Musical, and other accounts that it would be instead based on the book, has that decision even been made?

I am looking forward to Oz: The Great and Powerful. I almost never venture to the theaters, so, I won' see it in the theaters, but, anxiously awaiting it to be released on DVD when it's time comes. Hoping it's gonna be good.
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