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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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As for the New Romulus stuff? Kinda symptomatic of Cryptic's overall issue: visually, it's very nice. They've created a nice little adventure planet setting. But they didn't create any adventures to HAVE on the planet. Scan 5 of x, encourage Y number of workers to stop being lazy shits, go over there and click "f" 5 times. It's just grindy little mini-games, but no reason behind it, or much fun in it. They like to play with the systems, but have abandoned the gameplay portion, the reason to DO the things. It's just another new currency, grindfests to collect it 10 marks at a time, and then a massive sink to drop them in. Despite an obvious amount of work that went into it, I just don't see the point. Ran around for a couple hours there, and pretty much already had enough.

They did the same thing with Bajor. Created a great map, beautiful scenery. And then just put a couple tiny grind games in there and abandoned it. When was the last time you were there? They spend all this time on it, and it's wasted because they can't figure out how to make them ENGAGING. Just nice scenery or 'click f 5 times' missions.

They also can't seem to just TWEAK anything. They go in for wholesale changes to the entire system. If they weren't happy with DIL rates, could have tried adjusting things, more here, little less there, see what happens. Instead, they nuke the most popular ones (to the point where the backlash already has them reversing course), attach the big rewards to garbage missions that no one plays anymore (not because of the rewards, but because they are boring, awful missions), nuke several currencies (again), create whole new ones (screwing everyone yet again on the conversion rates), etc. Can't even make sense of half of what they changed. Even little stuff, like visual items like the PVE queue screen. Awful, muddled mess. What was wrong with that one? Or knowing roughly how many people were in the queue, whether it was worth signing up in the first place.
I came back to the game a few days ago.
What made me come back? New stuff to do.
What greeted me? A completely new system to learn (got the gist of it now), new stuff to buy and new stuff to wait on.
Wait 20 hours, to be precise.

Cryptic is really lucky this game is riding on a popular franchise, had it been an original MMO, they'd have lost huge chunks of the playerbase long ago and closed shop before season 6. Maybe before season 5.
They're lucky most of the playerbase consists of trekkies for whom this is their first MMO; they don't know any better.

Instead of the reputation system, Season 7 should just have introduced new endgame events, be they new STFs or a completely different system.
Make them hard, so players will be challenged and won't get bored with it even when they win a few times.
Don't make existing gear harder to obtain (doubleslap in the face of the playerbase - Omega/MACO/KHG/Borg now require a lot more time investment to obtain and the conversion rates screwed everyone!), introduce new gear sets instead!
Make the new sets better than Omega/MACO/KHG/Borg, to reward the high difficulty and create a gear progression.

That would've been a lot easier to do than the reputation system+New Romulus and it would've been better for all players, new and old.

Oh, and not only have they killed Dilithium farming, they also killed my old EC farming avenues: STFs and Starbase 24.

- STFs: I didn't hoard the drops when I no longer needed them on a char, I sold them:
1 EDC=20k EC (NPCing Borg pieces: 5 EDCs=1 piece-> 100k resale value)
1 Rare Salvage=45k EC (IIRC - NPCing the Mk X equipment)
1 Proto Salvage=50k EC (IIRC - NPCing the Mk XII equipment)
1 Rare Deflector/Engine/Shields=50k EC (NPCing Mk XI MACO/OMEGA/KHG)
1 Proto Deflector/Engine/Shields=55k EC (NPCing Mk XII MACO/OMEGA/KHG)
Add the random drops to NPC and the exceedingly rare occurence of a good drop (Mk XII purple weapons) during the run and you had a decent moneymaker.

- Starbase 24: pre-S7, it didn't give dilithium, but it didn't have a timer either.
I could run 4-5 back-to-back if I wanted, often taking first place -> if the reward was a console, good EC on the exchange. If it was a Deflector/Engine/Shields, weak EC at a NPC but you can try again; if it was a Weapon, it depended.

Now, it seems the best way to generate EC is to take advantage of people: buy Major Regens/Hypos/Shield Charges/various Provisions at a NPC, sell for 10x the cost or more on the Exchange.

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