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Re: Wars and campaigns that were largely ignored by FPS's

Robert Maxwell wrote: View Post
The only interesting games made about WWI involve air combat. A realistic ground combat game set during WWI would just be horribly depressing. A more pointless waste of human lives, the world has not seen.

I think people like WWII as a setting for video games because it has such clear heroes and villains. That kind of narrative simplicity is lacking in most wars. It's hard to find a greater real-world evil than Hitler and Nazi Germany. Likewise, WWI didn't have any real "winner," a bunch of people just died for no good reason. Thousands perished fighting for months over a mile-wide strip of land. Stuff like that isn't engaging or fun, it's just awful.
This sums it up perfectly.

Drago-Kazov wrote: View Post
A realistic ground combat game set during WWI would just be horribly depressing.
Like i said there were autmatic weapons toward the end. i had not read anything about WW1 in a while so i cannot name any, but there were submachine guns there.
There were automatic weapons throughout (actually, since the Civil War). They were the number one reason that no one could advance since charges "over the top" resulted in people being mowed down before they could ever fight back. The fact that you only think they started being used at the end of the war makes me wonder if you have any sense of how the war was fought. If you did have this sense, you would realize that it more or less could not translate into a video game with the possible exception of a few well-defined battles or theaters.
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