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Re: Wars and campaigns that were largely ignored by FPS's

A realistic ground combat game set during WWI would just be horribly depressing.
Like i said there were autmatic weapons toward the end. i had not read anything about WW1 in a while so i cannot name any, but there were submachine guns there.
From wikipedia;
The first automatic weapon to fire a pistol round was a scaled-down version of the Maxim machine gun, used for demonstrations in marketing the Maxim in the late 19th century, especially when a full-sized firing range was not available. First-generation submachine guns were characterized by machined metal parts and blowback designs with the bolt directly behind the barrel. The submachine gun appeared during the later stages of World War I. It first saw action in trench warfare where grenades, pistols, sharpened entrenching tools, improvised clubs, and bayonets were commonly employed.
Likewise, WWI didn't have any real "winner," a bunch of people just died for no good reason. Thousands perished fighting for months over a mile-wide strip of land. Stuff like that isn't engaging or fun, it's just awful.
You don' have to be stuck in Trench warfare.For example Rommel spent most of the war avoiding that. As far as winners go Bad Company has a cinical outlook on war yet it's still engaging.

I think the World War II setting needs to be banned from any and all video games. No exceptions.
There are so many campaings that we never played yet.
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