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Wars and campaigns that were largely ignored by FPS's

Anybody else is sick and tired of Call of Duty and other fPS's always doing the same thing. I mean how many times did we play the Battle of Stalingrad in COD. We could actually set COD in WW1 for example and it could be fun because automatic weapons did show up in WW 1 so it would not be just you shooting a rifle. There was a lot more sides clashing in WW2 the Germans vs Brits/US and Germans vs Russians. It would be awesome if Medal of honor or COD would do a Finnish campaign for once. Also the japanese and the Soviet Union did fight for Manchuria in 1945. I really wish Sniper Elite 2 would had happened in Manchuria or you would finish a Soviet Campaign there instead of always in Berlin. The british invasion of Madagascar against the French would be really interesting or something happeneing in Burma. Playing US special forces training and fighting with the taliban. They could make it work, just the main character and arab-amaerican and it's not like the mudjahedin carried id with them. I would love to play a soilder in the Iraq Iran War. I would love a good FPS in WW2 where you play someone form the FFL. It would certainly have a unique considering feel the unique nature of the Legion. At one point legionares were face tof ace with each other one unit on the side of the Vichy, the ohter on the side of the Free French.

Is EA insisting on people always making games in the most familiar setting? Woud't something with COD stamped on it sell even if you would not have to go back to the same battles? Which campaings and wars would you like to play in?
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