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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness Synopsis Revealed!!

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Yeah, this totally sounds like "Section 31 in TOS." The only weird bit is the whole "detonated" thing - I really, really hope that they're not blowing up more ships and are going for a more "Starfleet civil war" thing.
It will be probably feature some politicians. I wonder which direction will they go.

Space Bilderbergers/P2 Lodge trying to set up a dictatorship just to have more power.

Or there is an enemy that cannot be dealt with by a democratic geovernment so some higherups think the Federation needs to be dictatorship for a while.

Considering Orci's next series it would not suprise me if we would see some False Flag Terrorism. I only sen that done well once. It was in Khakee. great movie. I only seen one movie involving False Flag Terrorism as part of the plot.
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