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Re: storm and floods in GB - is everyone ok?

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Aww Is there no bus you could take, Pingfah?
There is, if I wanted to leave the house at 6.45am, stand around in the cold and rain as it is late every day, spend 70 minutes on the bus each way, pay 6 a day, and cope with the regular driver's strikes. Frankly i'd rather suffer on the bike

I've never been to your area (but would love to!) but judging by the maps there are many hills around, some of which look quite steep. Do you get landslides or is the soil solid enough to stay in place?
Can't say I have ever encountered a landslide, we are having some trouble with the stability of the local bridges with this awful weather though. They are having to close many routes for fear of collapse.

When it's nice though, it's really nice. When we get good weather (hopefully that isn't a thing of the past, although these last few years it has started to feel that way), there is nowhere I would rather be. Falmouth has a huge number of bars and restaurants on the waterfront for relaxed summer drinking, it's packed full of good looking students at term time and holiday makers in the summer, and has some of the most beautiful coastline you could hope for.
So it goes.
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