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Re: data department change in chain of command

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. . .it doesn't make sense to me that he got promoted to the rank of Captain and then got bumped back down to Commander. . . So why couldn't Riker have retained the rank of Captain but still been first officer?
Again, it was a field promotion.

"Commander Riker, I hereby promote you to the field commission of Captain. The Enterprise is your ship now. Congratulations." -- Admiral Hanson

Hanson died during the Battle of Wolf 359. It's possible official orders were never drawn up. It's also possible Riker personally requested a reduction of rank after learning Picard would return to the Enterprise.

For further information, see Memory Alpha's article on provisional officers, which specifically mentions Riker's situation.
I would say the later is more likely as surely the log of the communication would be sufficent record of the promotion.
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