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Re: Any old timers still around?

Bas and calli were both members of EFCL. At that time they had their own board, though: Muked-SDG. It was hosted by Bas' boss. After 1 or 2 years he needed the serverspace and Bas and calli decided to let the board die. As it was a friendly and funny board, we members decided to not give up that easily and so I rented a server segment, registered a domain and 10 years later (exactly 10 years, today ! =) ) SDG is still there (though inactive).
I've never again heard from bas and calli, though. Is anyone in contact with them?
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Bastian? AdAstra?
Naah, Addie is a nice guy (and Dutch, not Belgian. Admittedly a difficult difference, given the size - or lack of - of both countries *ducks and hides from Santaman and C* )
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