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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

The hits (and by that I mean misses, unfortunately) keep on coming.

Notice that in the below screencap from "Up the Long Ladder" (recently uploaded by TrekCore to their Facebook page) all the light elements are misaligned to the left (windows, nacelles, bussards, deflector):

Full Res Here:

FrontierTrek, hopefully you can tell us if this shot, which is a mirror inverted re-use of the one in "The Schizoid Man" is also affected similarly in that episode.

The problem is, again, that this is an ILM shot (the Enterprise element) that CBS Digital had already correctly composited for Season One. It's now looking like they should have given all of their Enterprise assets to HTV pre-comped to make them impossible to screw up.

Seriously, I'm getting a bit tired of shaking my head at the amateur compositing in some of these shots. I suggested it months ago, but they really need to utilize us as a benevolent resource before they do the final encode and not wait for us to spot these simple and easily correctable errors in the week leading up to release and become unwilling antagonists!

CBS, you're dealing with Star Trek fans, remember? We want this to look and be awesome.
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