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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Alexander. Worf's bastard son.
B is for the Borg. Definitely not Swedish.
C is for Ceti Alpha V. Where Kahn was marooned.
D is for Deneb II. There was a particularly harsh death penalty enforced there.
E is for Excelsior. Scotty sabotadged her.
F is for Friend. Kirk and Spock always have been and always shall be one another's.
G is for Garak. Truth or lies. They're all just a matter of opinion. And credits.
H is for Holographic shenanigans.
I is for Iden's holograms, who roamed the Delta Quadrant trying to flee the Hirogen who programmed them.
J is for Justice. A smashing episode of Star Trek TNG.
K is for Kras, or as some on the BBS call him, "Bob the Discount Klingon."
L is for Leonard Nimoy. Second best actor on Star Trek after Shatner.
M is for Melora. One of my favorite season 2 episodes of DS9.
N is for Narada, the late 24th century Romulan mining ship that was sucked back in time to the year 2233.
O is for "Oh my!" Kirk's final words before death.
P is for Perky...a good word to describe Dr. Gillian Taylor.
Q is for quatloos. Where can I trade mine in for gold pressed latinum?
R is for Romulan miniskirt uniform.
S is for Sahndara, the original sun of the Platonians that went nova thousands of years ago and prompted their fleeing into deep space.
T is for T'Pol's desert combat catsuit.
U is for uniforms. TNG's season 1 uniforms were horrible.
V is for Velour.
W is for West. Colonel West. Sort of looked like Odo with a 'stach.
X is for Xindi-Aquatics.
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