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Re: Halo 4 & Halo Remastered

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Oh I finished this on Normal on Release, and completed Legendary a few days ago solo...

Initially, I was a bit "WTF" on the whole thing. The end was very out "there" for my liking, with some pretty big leaps of faith 343i are hoping the audience will take. Plus it felt even shorter than Halo Reach for my liking. BUT, since playing through again on Legendary...the story has grown on me. I'm still a bit wtf on the ending, but I don't let it overshadow the rest of the game.
What about the ending was a WTF moment for you?

If you have any degree of familiarity with the extended Halo fiction, you know that Cortana

so that shouldn't have come as a huge surprise.
If I were to guess, I'd think he was referring more to

That was pretty hard to swallow.

Edit: Sorry. Didn't mean to parrot ATimson. Posted while I was still typing.
I agree, it was a far-fetched kind of moment. But it wasn't different from a similar moment in Halo 2, really.

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