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Re: Should they have kept Dr. Selar?

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Thanks T'Girl.

Even though Selar had just one appearance in S2, I warmed to her far more than I ever did Pulaski.
I'm probably one of the very few who liked Pulaski as I know she wasn't well-received by most of the fans. She provided some entertaining conflict with the rest of the crew & that's something TNG lacked in the early seasons.

I'm still glad McFadden came back but it's a shame Pulaski wasn't a recurring character.
In my opinion Pulaski was a jerk. Not necessarily a bad thing as it did upset the status quo a bit. Certainly not to the point where I actively even disliked seeing her on the screen. If she guest roled later on, that wouldn't be so bad. I did like having Crusher back in season 3 though.

As for Doctor Selar? I'm really indifferent. I'd definitely have liked to see more reoccurring guest stars on TNG, as with a 1000 member crew it stands to reason you'd see some people more than once, but the one episode she was in she didn't stand out much beyond being Suzi Plakson.
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