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Re: Should they have kept Dr. Selar?

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There's several minor characters I wish they kept around. Ensign Gomez was another great character with a lot of potential for growth. I mean, she was a little obnoxious, but the idea of having a brilliant, attractive, yet naive and semi-neurotic female character evolving into something more and proving herself was a great idea. They eventually fulfilled that with Barclay, but Gomez would have been wonderful, and a possible love interest for Geordi.
I remember the Gomez character…but also remember the actress portraying her wasn’t doing anywhere near a convincing enough job (she was smokin' hot though) and I'm not sure if further developing her would've worked the same way it did for Barclay.

One of the best things about the Barclay character was that he was in the hands of a very talented actor in Dwight Schultz. Schultz pulled off all of the emotions, awkward mannerisms and anxious behaviour superbly.
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