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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness Synopsis Revealed!!

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I hated The Dark Knight so I sure hope not.. oh wait, everyone else loved it so if it is that popular with the public that can only be a good thing.
I must say the dark knight is my least favourite of the three films, I lovd batman begins,I dint like TDK as much because I felt that the Joker was too perfect and he made the Gotham police officers look quite dumb and unrealistic. Havey Dent and the Rachel chick were just plain annoying.

I loved the dark knight rises. Selena aka catwoman steals the shows in the film and she and Bruce looked more real as a couple than him and Rachel ever did.

However I am fully aware of how the superhero fan boys worships the dark knight. So maybe star trek into darkness will have the same effect as the dark knight did in the science fiction community if it turns out to be a great film.
I loved Batman Begins.

I hated The Dark Knight so very much I did not see the next one. I hated it because it was incredibly, excruciatingly boring.

However. I don't think ST:XII will have anything at all in common with TDK other than having the word Dark in the title
What I mean is that the science fiction community might immortalise star trek into darkness as the greatest science fiction film ever, the same way the superhero community has immortalised the dark knight as the greatest super hero film ever.

So yeah star trek into darkness might become the equivalent of the dark knight in the science fiction world.

If and only if it turns out to be a superb film, However it will be though as the film will have to have like a 94%-97% on rotten tomatoes and score ateast an 82/100 on Metatcritc.

star trek 2009 had a very high critical reception despite many TOS fans hating on it. SFX magazine did name Star Trek 2009 as the best science fiction film of the last decade.

So....we will just have to see what Into Darkness delivers.

Then there is box office, the first film made 386 million dollars, Hopfuly the second film will
make at least 500 million dollars.

I am personally hoping it makes at least 700 million worldwide.

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