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Re: TOS set during the 22nd Century!?

...Although it would diverge from the pattern somewhat. I mean, stars like Omega or Beta must have had their constellation name cropped from them, but Ceti A would have its "ordinal name" cropped. But any cropping would result in loss of information, and the heroes would accept this because they already possessed the information, so the exact form of cropping would not concern them much. (Similarly, we don't care if we crop "Leonardo" or "da Vinci" off the well-known name, even though either half carries vital information regarding the other and is theoretically useless alone.)

I could accept that the whole pod assembly rotated if the main hull were cylindrical but it's not.
Well, there are seams of sorts between the bow, the stern and the container core, so possibly only that central core would rotate... But as we see, it does not. Perhaps in some applications, it would, though? If not for any other reason then for reasons of loading and offloading?

from The Slaver Weapon, a flying belt was found in a status box and provided the basis for artificial gravity.
...Or perhaps USAF got the secret off the Ferengi in a sweet little side deal in 1947, and the Slaver box story was invented as a cover afterwards.

Timo Saloniemi
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