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Re: Is WB simply afraid of Wonder Woman?

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Yes, awful movies make a lot of money sometimes, but that's usually because they're sequels to hugely popular movies or because they offer the kind of visual spectacle that makes less discerning moviegoers forgive bad writing/acting etc. Both is true in the case of "X-Men: The Last Stand".
True. But box office and quality aren't always related is my point, so saying movie X wasn't successful because its bad is besides the point. Lots of bad movies make money.
What I'm saying, though, is that there's usually a good reason why awful movies make lots of money, and it's usually one (or both) of the two I've named. None of the many failed female-led action movies had either of those things going for them.

Do you guys seriously think Catwoman would have still flopped had it been as good as The Dark Knight, with the same kind of marketing push?
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