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Re: Babylon 5, did someone have a vendetta against the series?

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One would have thought studios would have learned something from the Doctor Who disaster. I could understand if it were all stored on huge reels of film. But it still boggles my mind that not one production person who probably spent hours or days working on these designs thought to dump copies of a few files onto spare harddrives and carry them home.

The short sightedness of some of these companies is mind-boggling.
IDK - that's like saying you can't believe they destroy built filming sets after they're done using/filming on them.

The CGI models made were used for what they were designed for. Also, given the rate at which CGI technology is progressing; saving old Lightwave models wouldn't really net you much. It would probably take more time and effort re-texturing and other elements; then it would to re-create a new model from scratch in whatever software they're using for a new production. T

hus why waste the time, money, and effort on archiving and storing something that you won't need again - and if you do, can probably be re-created at a lesser cost then archiving, restoring and updating the original models might?
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