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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness Synopsis Revealed!!

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Yep. I wonder who that might be?

It sounds like the kind of very simple premise that lends itself to putting butts in seats. You could practically convey the idea via a poster. That's a good thing - ideally, the next movie needs to be an even bigger hit than the last one, and it doesn't pay to confuse the casual audience who has probably already forgotten the 2009 movie. Just give them something simple that promises to be exciting and fun.
I remember people trying to convince me the sequel would be a little more cerebral and the first was just to get people in interested in Star Trek again. Even the most action heavy of the original 10 had a commentary on humanity. If this means the end of Star Trek being a "rather talky geekfest" as Abrams puts it then I can write the franchise off as no longer relevant to my interests.
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