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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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So what do we think about the name Judith? I hope, at the very least they give her "Ass-Kicker" as a middle name. I thought it was a bit odd it was named after Carl's third grade teacher, but I also viewed that as Carl trying to hold onto a little of his old life. On the other hand, I was happy with any name other than "Lori."
The teacher was probably one of those who take no crap from the kids.

So, Judith A. K. Grimes?

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Perhaps he was half crazed, so he was thinking as though the worlds was sort of operating under normal standards. Why else would he ask for a badge when this self-described policeman is travelling with a pack of very un-cop like individuals?
Meh, in my opinion the scene was added to simply add more gore - by making him walker bait - rather than any thought as to why the man would react that way and why he would be hold up in a barn and seemingly oblivious to the zombie Apocalypse.

My own personal insane theory is as follows - I think the crazy hermit was just fine until that dog died. Then he went bye-bye. His one companion was gone and rotting and then the group found him.
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MMilton said he "telecommuted" to work. What kind of SCIENTIST does that? He'd have to go to a lab, if he were a "real" scientist...and maybe have a friend or two there.

Milton is nowhere in the league of the CDC scientist...he may have been a computer technician or
It's pretty obvious that Milton and the Hermit used to be roommates.

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Silvercrest wrote:
I'm not desperate for a fairytale ending. But having no goal is a problem. If they have no goal, then whatever ending they achieve will only elicit, "meh, so what?"
But they have a goal, it's "Don't get eaten by the dead or murdered by the living", I'm not sure what you're expecting, this is not a quest where some people search for a magic stone, turn every zombie back into a living human and magically restore society to what it was before
Uh, did you read the part where I said I didn't need a fairytale ending?

with a redeemed and living Shane making sweet love to Rick (because Lori was clearly an incarnation of the evil that wanted to kill them all).
Holy ship, Batman!

What kind of shows do you watch because I can't think of many that have a set goal that the characters have to reach, usually the goals are things like get money, find love, have fun or help victim of the week.
You're referring to goals from week to week. I'm referring to a goal for the show as a whole.

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But I do see what Silvercrest means. I am quite confident that the writers will give us some kind of dramatic closure, which is always the most important for me. Something that wraps up the themes and provides structure to the character arcs is very common in television series. TNG did this quite well, and Lost (despite its plotholes) did this effectively as well.

In addition to that, I bet that we will get more answers as to how the outbreak happened.
I think what we're asking for is something like, say the group either finds, or is found by, a city where they have essentially rebuilt civilization, however, having the "new normal" of zombies factored into the daily routine. (That city might also be established by the group).

The final season might be the group really trying to find the :secret" of the group, but realize at the end that the safety of this city is real, and not fake like Woodbury.

In the last episode, I might expect Carl or Judith reminicing about the "old days", and we see the new normal as the closing (and maybe someone slicing a zombie head as the last scene).
I can see this. Yes, dramatic closure. Not a cure, not civilization being magically restored, but something to work toward. Even if most of the characters die in the process.

Don't get me wrong, I think the current "survival" attitude is great. But as others have pointed out, if that's all we ever see, it will get old. And yes, most other shows don't wrap everything up in the end. But most other shows aren't this heavily serialized. Generally serial storytelling does lead somewhere. The major exception being, as was also pointed out, soap operas. And comic books.

The only reason I point this out is that showrunners have declared the intention to keep following the comic books in a general way. I haven't read the comics, but I've read up on them to some extent and I don't get the impression that they're leading anywhere. If the show wants to go that route, it will be taking the lazy way out and will be squandering some excellent dramatic opportunities. And might risk turning into a soap opera as well, meaning they've invoked both of the worst kinds of serial storytelling in the same show!

Still, I'm reserving judgement. I like what's going on right now, so I'll have some faith that they know what they're doing.
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