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Re: Is WB simply afraid of Wonder Woman?

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Another really big issue, is that on tv females are by far the largest segment of the audience. In film its the reverse with Men driving ticket sales.
The Twilight movies have an amazing 80% female audience.

Maybe Warners will try to make a Wonder Woman movie for those people?
Yeah there are a few films that have had large success but they are few and far between and usually start on the extremely cheap side of film making.

You have a film like Momma Mia (very heavily female driven) that did major box office WW yet it was made fairly cheap.

Twilight and HUnger Games both (like Potter) were large successful and fairly recent book titles, and even so Twilight was made on an extremely low budget. Extremely low, and it felt like it. It felt like a TV movie not a motion picture.

Hunger Games was able to benefit from the huge success of Twilight, and get a descent but still not huge budget. But again that was not due to the concept but from the fact that they saw the huge amounts of money Twilight made, and they hoped it would be the next literary female driven series.

Wonder Women in written form has never even come close.

Like I said Perez's Wonder Women most likely only had its success due to his huge popularity and his hugely successful runs (by comics standards) of Teen Titans and Crisis. The current WW book which sales are good, though not great, certainly got a huge push from the restart of the DC.

But still a huge issue is who is WW? And very few in the business agree on it, let alone fans.

With the Twilight and Hunger Games series you have one voice telling us who the character is and that has been embraced by a large number of people.

Its makes a gamble a little easier to take. But even beloved books are a big gamble at the box office.
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